Thursday, 6 September 2012

Video Blog and some personal stuff

I'm going to take a bit of a liberty this week and not write my normal blog. Instead I've recorded one while driving from my home near Cape Town to Gauteng. This written blog is of a more personal nature.

It's been a memorable few months, both for good and bad reasons. My wife Gwynn has finally released her first novel, after an exhausting, four-month blog tour. We've had the nastiest winter I can remember here in the Cape and some shooting of the video trailer for Gwynn's book was a real battle against the weather. Then the process was interrupted with me having to rush off to assist my parents when my Dad fell critically ill. I finally completed the shooting and editing of the trailer just before having to rush back to my father's side. He passed away on Tuesday at a little after 7pm. He was one of the greatest people I ever new. His compassion for others, unbridled generosity and wicked sense of humour are irreplaceable. We never had a normal conversation. We always laughed.

The picture shows me and my Dad doing what we both really loved - flying in my plane.

My 4x4 video blog:

Gwynn's book blog:

The book video trailer: