Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hello All

I suppose the right thing to do with a new blog (not that I know much about them) is to introduce myself - which is exactly what I am not going to do. Since I recon that almost all visitors will come here via my website (www.4xforum.com) or from some 4x4-related article somewhere, I figure, there is no point.

But the idea of this new blog may be worth mentioning.

I am going to make a weekly entry about something off-road, 4x4 or overlanmding related subject. And if I really feel like it, other things too. But this is where I get to vent my feelings and practice my hobby; the removal and dismantling of platitudes.
My first blog due in a few days - about myths of running in new engines.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Andrew

    I have just bought a lifetime subscription to 4xforum and look forward to watching all your 4x4 videos. Good luck with the blog and the new series.