Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New 4x4 Discussion Forum about to go live

When I launched 4xforum.com in 1996, one of the first ideas was to build into the website a discussion forum. And I did. But due partly to a lack of moderation (no time) and complexities with the software I used, after only about six years, I closed the forum part of my website. When 4x4community.co.za began a few weeks later, I ‘gave away’, so to speak, my database of users. But the idea of a forum has never gone away.

Back in 1996, Internet discussion forums were a new thing. But today, they’re old hat. But moderators still have problems keeping out the trash. By trash I mean contributors (If you can call them that) who’s main motive for posting comments seems to be to belittle, criticize or demean another's ideas, the vehicle they drive or their opinions. It seems to give them pleasure. The result, when this spreads out of control, is a forum that users eventually tire of and leave. I believe this is a downfall of many, and it’s particularly bad in 4x4 forums. Strangely, some people can’t handle that another likes another vehicle better. It’s almost like a personal insult, and so they begin trading insults.

Apart from containing some unique topics, a heavy hand will moderate the new forum, which will be launched 1st May 2012.

Our mission statement and warning is clear…

This forum is a place of discussion and learning. It is also a place of friendship.
If you insult or degrade anyone because of what they choose to drive, their race or religion, or use profane language, for any reason whatsoever, you will be banned WITHOUT WARNING. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


For a sneak preview, go to www.4xforum.com/forum

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