Monday, 20 February 2012

HUGE news to Toyota Land Cruiser Fans

The rumours running wild about V8 Land Cruisers are rumours no more! Via my top secret, under-cover spies infiltrating the deepest recesses of Toyota SA's closed doors, reveals that not only is the V8 coming , but two all–new models as well.  The news broke during last week’s Toyota dealer sales conference that accompanying the Land Cruiser pick-up and 76 Wagon V8 diesels, will be a Cruiser double-cab. This startling news was only tempered slightly by the additional news that the Cruiser 200 VX will be joined by a basic spec, GX unit. Don’t get too excited. It will not be like it was with the 100, the GX having the heavy-duty chassis. It will just be a cheaper, simpler, less electronic and therefore more versatile VX. Will the Troopy V8 be coming? Nobody asked, because it’s such a slow seller, I guess, nobody cared. This will all probably happen around October.

It’s all great news – but not for anyone who just bought a Land Cruiser with the 4,2D – like me for example. Next week: Is the V8 all good news? Not necessarily.

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  1. Will these V8's be diesels, or petrol? If Diesel, will they run on Africa Diesel, or will they only run on 50ppm? If so they will not be suitable expedition/overlanders. (or might they have their own onboard diesel cleaning system?)