Tuesday, 14 February 2012

What’s more fun? Camping? Or Being in a wild place where camping is the only alternative?

Camping is a real chore. The bed is never as comfortable as the one at home. The food is as good, sometimes better, but it’s a chore to make given the lack of convenience. The chairs aren’t nearly as comfortable as my ones at home. And if it rains, it’s horrible. And I hate sleeping in a ba

So why do I love it so?

For me, it’s where I wake up that makes all the difference. If you invited me to go camping at Vaal Dam or at the Blickiesfonteindorp Oord, then I would make any excuse to get out of it. I would rather clean the dog’s ears. But a trip to the desert, preferably with as few people around as possible, I am happy to undergo near torture for a few evenings and mornings of that.

I had my wheels rotated the other day and the man asked me if my Land Cruiser was just a “mall crawler”. I told him it was, but then he asked why I have nice red shock absorbers. We got talking. I wanted to ask this question of him, but without giving away my motives. He had a very nicely equipped Defender 90 and an Echo trailer. He said proudly, “You wouldn’t believe me, when I tell you. Me and my wife. When we arrive at a campsite, just, and I’m not lying, just 45 minutes, and everything is done and ready. I nearly tripped over the tyre iron. 45 minutes!!!!!.

On a good day, it takes me five. Yes, just five. Because I figure, it’s not about camping, and tents, and poles and stoves. It’s about being in a magic place. I want to spend my time exploring, looking, feeling and living, instead of fighting with sleeping bag pouches that are too small, and which pole fits where.

Am I bonkers? Tell me about you!


  1. No not bonkers, I would love to go on trip with you in the wild where there really is no luxuries. That is when you relax without the haste of today's world please take me with

  2. When I'm camping I try to only bring as little as I really need with me. Extra luxuries may make the trip more comfortable but they've all got to be carried, unpacked, set up, packed away, and then cleaned, fixed and stored once you get home. It's interesting to see where you can improvise and do without.

  3. i agree with you, the more remote the place is the better the camping gets. even with out the luxuries.